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Squeeze Another Gig In

Before we retreat to our homes to hibernate until 2015 we'll be playing just one more gig at Bad Apples in Leeds (near Corn Exchange) on Sunday 29th December. Check out the gigs list for more information on where Bad Apples is. We'll be supporting touring Los Angelas band Tarah Who? so make sure to get down to this one.


Recording Update

Week One - We've been in the studio and recorded 2 new tunes, Petition and Four Friends at 2Fly Studios, produced by Dave Sanderson. Keep an eye out for these in early 2015!

Week Two - We headed to student ville to record This Isn't What It Looks Like. This will be part of a 4 track EP which we'll be giving away in Spring 2015.


It's Christmas!!

To end the year we'll be having a Christmas knees up at the Last Drop in Halifax with Charlie Padfield on Friday 19th December.

This will be our first ever gig in Halifax so try and get down to see us...we might even throw in a cheeky Christmas cover or two!


Recording...lots of Recording

We're heading back into the studio very soon, and this time it's not just once. End of Nov we're back at 2Fly for 1 and a half days recording. We've got two tunes, Petition and Four Friends. Petition is our new setlist track and Four Friends is a firm favourite.

After 2Fly we're heading to Leeds Uni the week after to record some more tracks. We'll be recording This Isn't What It Looks Like


New Tunes Galore

We've got a handful of new tunes that we're busy practicing. If you came down to the Carpe Diem you will of heard Petition for the first time. Add to that Right Now, which is availble to lisen to on the home page with 2 more on the back burner

We're having the hard but good decision which is what stays and what goes, and the most important one...what get recorded.


It's Holiday and Weddings Galore!

If you've been wondering why we've not been gigging as much over October and November and thought we were just being lazy then think again. It's been a time of celebration as Sam got married to Carmel, Sean and Matt have both been on holiday...not together, and Joe sadly is not allowed any time off as he's currenty shackled to his guitar writing new tunes.

We've booked a few gigs for the new year already, starting off at the 360 Club in Jan and then back to Carpe Diem in March


GrainDivision Night at Carpe Diem

A full line up of great bands, a crazy radio interview and getting some recordings sorted for nowt. Not bad for one night we think!

We did an interview with Phil Rochester for his radio show in which we were asked some very bizarre questions. We'll get that interview up on our site as it's definitely worth a listen.

We've also been kindly asked to help with recording some tracks at the uni, we'll get more details of that later but rest assured that will more tracks of new tunes and they'll be on SoundCloud as soon as they're done

Round Window opened the night, followed by Keighley's The Ramblers. Up next Thirty Hearts and closing the night we're Neon Dolls. A great turn out for Thirty Hearts and we've been asked back in the new year in March...result!


Thirty Hearts for Hire

We've had quite a few offers in recently regarding hiring Thirty Hearts to play at private parties and functions, this is great and we're more than happy to consider all offers. Here's a quick rundown of some questions that usually hit the inbox.

Do we play covers - Not really, we cover one song currently but like all human beings, we have a price!

How long do we play for - Thirty minutes is the magic number

Where will we play - We're based in West Yorkshire / Manchester. We like it up north but can be teased out of our holes, pried away from our familes to hit the road.

How much do we charge - Ahh it all comes down to money in the end. You can get Thirty Hearts to play for a measly £150 in West Yorkshire / Manchester. Want us to play further down the road then we'd simply be looking at fuel costs, accommodation and some food.

Can you do it any cheaper - Oh go on then! We're easily bribed so chances are if you throw in a good deal for us then we'll reduce the cost. We like food, drink, playing to people and especially shiny things!

Contact Thirty Hearts


Thirty Hearts Go Unplugged

For the first time ever, Thirty Hearts will be playing a one off gig at the CLV Residence in Leeds to welcome all the fresh faced students next week. Although technically not a fully unplugged gig, Joe, Sean and Sam will be performing without Matt on drums for this one off gig performing a special set list


Black Swan, Bradford 19th September

Another amazing gig at the Black Swan in Bradford, this time with Kelter from Huddersfield and Ten Second Shotgun from Halifax who smashed it when they opened the night for us.

Ten Second shotgun have tonnes of energy, loads of palm muting and masses of bleach blonde hair. If you like Green Day, Offspring or any American punk around this time then this is definitely the band for you!

Next up were Kelter, they brought their punk (Machines) sound all the way from Huddersfield.

Thirty Hearts, what can we say, if you haven't seen us yet then you must get down to the next gig at the Carpe Diem in Leeds on Saturday 18th of October.


Cleckheaton Beer Festival - 6th Sept

What a great turn out at the 2014 cleckheaton beer festival!! the biggest crowd that thirty hearts have played to so far. too many bands to mention but if you missed this event then you'll be kicking yourself. what more could you want from a gig when there's thirty beers and thirty hearts!!

Before the gig we took some time out to be interviewed by cleckheaton online radio. officially our first interview which you can find out catch up from the monday 8th sept 6:30pm show.

Next up is the Black Swan in Bradford!


360 Club - Sat 30th August

What a venue!!

It was the first time for Thirty Hearts at the 360 Club (Old Library upstairs) in Leeds on the 30th August and it was great to see a god crowd. By far the best stage, sound and setup we've seen around the Yorkshire area.

All the band played amazing sets, Sean played his last gig for Adorned and Sam also joined them onstage for one track. Can't wait to see them up and running again with their new bass player!

  • Adorned - Single Launch
  • Carvella
  • Thirty Hearts
  • Great White Underground


Filming of Adorned's new Video

Last week we played the coolest venue known to man...or woman!

Thirty Hearts were invited to be part of Adorned's new video for their upcoming single 'Black Eyes & Broken Heels'. Filming took place in lead singer Lee's family business which turns out to be a printers, so tonnes of presses, printers, forklift trucks and even the odd half sprayed car.

After the filming was finished Simon Lewis took to the floor for a great acoustic set. Thirty Hearts followed, playing our new track 'Tombola Sky' for the first time ever! Adorned wrapped the night with a great energetic set. Overall, a fantastic day and certainly nothing to be repeated, at least for a while.


Badges, Badges and more Badges

Get down to our next gigs and pick up some cool badges. Two designs to pick from but there's a limited supply.

Best chances are at the 360 Club (Old Library) in Leeds next Saturday or the Cleckheaton Beer Festival on Saturday September 6th.


Manchester Night and Day Gig

Great gig at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester with a strong crowd supporting Thirty Hearts for their first gig outside of Yorkshire.

  • Grin
  • Thirty Hearts
  • Lucky T Jackson
  • Mayflower


New Website is ALIVE!

We've finally pulled our fingers out and put a new website up with a gig list gig list now that we're actually gigging!!

We've got a full 7 track EP to download in the music section recorded at the Black Swan in Bradford, head over to the music section to download the free 7-track Live EP

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